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in partnership with Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park

JANUARY 28 @ 7:00AM
JULY 10-14 COED / JULY 24-28 COED / AUGUST 7-11 COED / AUGUST 21-25 (Girls Only)

Mini Pedals exists to encourage, challenge, and educate children to be comfortable and confident on their mountain bike. Friendships are forged on the trail, challenges are overcome on the trail, and confidence is built on the trail. Being able to overcome the challenges that they face on the bike, persist, and continue riding, are directly related to skills they need in life.


This week of camp will establish a solid foundation of fundamental skills. We will assess each child’s individual ability and skill level to determine how we progress them and their riding. Children will be taught in a group of 8-10 students per instructor, ensuring proper attention to each rider.

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**A note on registering: Please do not open multiple tabs. Do not keep a cart open with tickets in the cart. Close out tabs as you finish with registering. Refresh your screen if you quickly see "sold out".

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